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Episode 2 - for pressefrihet

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Ferden gjennom Libanon fortsetter. Dagens marsj går for pressefrihet.

Av: Matias Nordahl Carlsen og Jørgen Evil Ekvoll

Lost in a thick forest in the mountains of Lebanon, we ran out of water. It was getting late, and we didn’t bring any artificial light with us. So, guided by the moonlight, we were looking for a dry place to put our head. We had put in eight hours of walking that day, probably in circles, and we were deadly tired. We could sleep anywhere.

One of the problems we expected to meet on our way was communication with the local people. We don’t speak arabic, and are pretty novice when it comes to body language. Despite that, we had conversations for hours, joked and made friends. We made friends everywhere.

This episode is dedicated to the freedom of press. According to Reporters Without Borders, 66 journalists have been killed in 2011, and 173 are in jail for telling the truth.

See the episode at the bottom of this webpage!

More info here.


©2011-2012 One of those sweet, sweet Matias & Jorgen productions – 2famous.tv




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